Platinum Marketing Group’s Best Networking Tips

Networking is an art and a science, and at Platinum Marketing Group we’re subscribers to both interpretations. We’re always looking for the best kernels of advice to up our networking games and make more genuine connections. Here are some of the greatest hits:


  • Prepare on Two Levels: Don’t go into an industry or networking event without a proper understanding of what’s about to occur. The first thing we at Platinum Marketing Group research is a list of the attendees. This illuminates for us who we might want to meet and how best to connect with them over shared interests or ambitions. We also put some effort into determining as much as we can about the event. In this way, we can begin a conversation with anyone.


  • Reading the Room: There are definitely moments when networking and industry gatherings can appear to be indeterminate masses of people all talking at once, but this isn’t the case. At Platinum Marketing Group, we’ve honed our ability to identify which people to approach. Are several individuals standing in a tight circle, focused on each other? Choose another point of entry.


  • Give First, Get Later: It’s essential to be an active participant in others’ lives. That’s the key to forming real relationships. It’s not all about getting what you want. Seek out opportunities to lend your skills or expertise and watch the connections grow.


What are your organization’s go-to networking tips?